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Job Vacancies–National Professional Officer(Noncommunicable Diseases)

Data Publika: 11/05/2020
Data Modifika: 11/05/2020
  • Fatin: Colmera, Colmera, Dili, Timor-Leste

Dear All,

Check the opportunities bellow. If you are interested please apply now.

Position Number         : SE.418818

Title                           : National Professional Officer (Noncommunicable Diseases)

Grade                         : NO-A Official Station Dili, Timor Leste Organizational

Location:                    : WHO Representative, Timor-Leste

Duration                     : Two years



Specific objectives of the programme are: (1) To support the govemment in developing policy, prograrnme and intervention for control ofNCD risk factors, support for control and management of degenerative disease and health promotion including health system strengthening as relevant in Timor-Leste; (2) To support the development of community-based and primary health care approaches for NCD screening and early management, and other related health-promotion programmes; and (3) To support the development of national evidences, partnership and networking, and resource mobilization in Category 2 programme areas.


The National Professional Officer (NPO) will work under the overall supervision of WHO Representative to Timor-Leste (WR) and under day-to-day supervision of Health Policy Adviser WHO Country Office.

The incumbent will provide necessary and timely support to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and for the collaborative program areas in Timor-Leste by performing the following specific duties:

1.      Collaborate with concerned government counterparts and other country office staff for technical inputs and adminisfrative facilitation in programme development and implementation including monitoring and evaluation of WHO collaborative programmes on NCDs including their behavioral and genetic risk factors.

2.      Assist national counterparts in providing technical assistance and support for the development and adaptation to the country context of the WHO's normative work to support national action plan, programmes, guidelines, SOPs, and costing of NCDs prevention and control in partnership with other donors; implementation of regional and global action plans, and follow-up on recommendations arising from review, assessment, and/or evaluation missions in the noncommunicable disease areas focusing particularly on: cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, cancer, diabetes, oral health, blindness and deaffess; and their risk factors (apart from genetic factors),  namely: tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, substance abuse, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet mental health, injury, disability and rehabilitation.

3.      Assist in promoting generation of evidence and contribute to informed policy level decisions by government. Help improve the surveillance and monitoring system for NCDs and facilitate its integration within national health information systems.

4.      Assist all levels of government (central and municipalities) to improve NCDs prevention and confrol in Timor-Leste. Assist in developing capacity of community health systems and Primary Health Care systems (PHCs) to_ fight against and manage NCDs including community-based interventions, prevention and control of substance abuse, and evidence-based health promotion initiatives as necessary.

5.      Assist in building partnerships and contacts within the Ministry of Health and other Ministries, non-government organizations,  centres of excellence, and professional organizations for enhancing multisector supports and investment in prevention and control ofNCDs.

6.      Collaborate with the stakeholder agencies, UN Organizations, bilateral and multilateral agencies; and on request to the WHO staff in Timor-Leste for advocating the goals and strategies of WHO on prevention and control of NCDs and degenerative diseases in a more politically appropriate approach and in culturally sensitive areas.

7.      Assist the Ministry of Health in developing Information, Education and Comrnunication (IEC) materials for national health education and promotion.

8.      Maintain and update websites information in all aspects ofNCDs, their risk factors and support programmes.

9.      Exercise initiatives in implementing WHO support activities in biennium-programme at the country level and remain responsible for daily operations and support for NCDs including related health promotion programmes of WHO.

10.Any other duties assigned by the supervisor.


Knowledge & Skills

"Technical Expertise" is a mandatory requirement for this position: having a public health perspective with extensive knowledge of the health situation in Timor-Leste; responsiveness of health system for prevention and control of NCDs and their risk factors; good understanding of NCDs includi_ng degenerative diseases with global, regional and national burdens and trends; their risks factors and other determinants; WHO plans and programmes; importance of health in all policies for prevention and control of NCDs; knowledge of national targets in line with global action plan; developing and strengthening national action plans for NCDs with costing of major activities inviting multi-sector efforts; good understanding of the complexity associated with tobacco, alcohol, salt/sugar/fats, obesity and diabetes, physical inactivity, active aging, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and associated disabilities; and have a continuous professional development ability; and ability for building an integrated environment with sector partners. Good communication skills and ability to work with people with different national and cultural backgrounds.


l . Teamwork

2.  Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences

3.  Communication

4.  Building and promoting partrierships across the organization and beyond

5.  Producing results        

Education & Special Training


University degree in medicine or Health Sciences from a recognized university



Experience in management of NCDs in Primary Health Care, community public health prog•amme•, community mental health programme; disability and rehabilitation; and working with social and environmental determinants of health


At least one year experience in public health management, health system health programme; community strengthening, health promotion or NCD support pro grammes.


Experience in management ofNCDs in Primary Health Care, community public health programme; community mental health programme; disability and rehabilitation; and working with social and environmental determinants of health.

Additional Information

Excellent Imowledge of standard computer applications for daily office use, including basic tools for epidemiology and disease burden analysis; and Knowledge of/Ability to learn and function with the MIHO GSM System for office administration and management.

CURRENT ANNUAL SALARY (net of tax): USD 20.000 1-per annum plus applicable allowances.




1)      Applicants should submit a brief resume of their relevant experience and other qualifications together with completed personal history form and give reasons for being suitable for the post

2)      Applicants from the United Nations or Specialized Agencies should apply through the Human Resources Officers of their Organization and should attach completed personal history forms. All other applicants should apply to the WHO Representative, World Health Organization, United Nations House, Caicoli, Dili, Timor-Leste

3)      Those applicants who are on Permanent Long- Term Contracts with the Govemment are not encouraged to apply.

4)      A written test will be held for this position.

WHO is an equal opportunities employer. Eligible female candidates are encouraged to


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