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Job Vacancies– Database Coordinator (Service Contract),Conservation International, Timor-Leste

Data Publika: 30/01/2020
Data Modifika: 30/01/2020
  • Fatin: Mandarin Dili,, Dili, Dili, Timor-Leste


Dear all,

Check the vacancies bellow. If you are interested please apply this opportunity.

 Title: Database Coordinator (Directorate General of Fisheries)

Level: (Level V) Government Rates

Contract Type:  Service agreement, fixed-term for 12 months

Location: Dili, Directorate General of Fisheries


Conservation International Timor-Leste is supporting the Directorate General of Fisheries (DGF) in strengthening its monitoring and reporting on fish catch data from different fisherman. To support this work, the service of a Database Coordinator is required. The Database Coordinator will work closely with the DGF to establish a database and provide support to DGF through accurate management of information on fish catch. The Database Coordinator will ensure sustainability of the work through adequate training of DGF staff.

 The Database Coordination will be based in the Directorate General of Fisheries office and will report to the Director General and the National Directors in the Directorate General of Fisheries.

  Note: This opportunity is not an employment position with Conservation International. The selected candidate will be engaged through a fixed-term service agreement for 12 months.

 Key Responsibilities

·   Lead in the process of constructing a database for Fisheries

· Perform data collection and analysis and produce reports in various formats including graphs, charts etc. as required

·  Ensure accurate and consistent inputting of data received from fisherman

·  Provide additional updates and data analysis as required

· Develop and maintain documentation database design documentation and operating manuals on how to use the database

·   Maintain strict confidentiality in all aspects of the work

·   Undertake any other tasks assigned by the Supervisor 

 Key Deliverables

·   Accurate analysis and reports of data

·    Maintenance of the of the MS Access database

·    Reports (monthly/weekly/quarter/) generated from the database

·   Training materials to be used in training staff members and a Manual on the use of the database 

 Required Skills and Capabilities

·  Bachelor or degree in Computer Sciences or related technical field

· Minimum of four (4) years work experience in database design or database administration, data management and data analysi

· Significant experience analysing data and producing reports

·  Ability to use Microsoft Access databases i.e. enter data, update records and fields, modify database structure, generate customized reports

· Experience programming Microsoft Access databases

· Ability to design the structure of the database and write appropriate interfaces (e.g. Microsoft Excel) for data entry and ensure data quality and security

· Experience in training project personnel in the use of database management software applications

· Experience in writing and maintaining database design documentation and operating manuals

·   Maturity and professional ability to handle sensitive information and ability to respect the confidentiality of such information while working with CI and General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture and even after the contract ends

·    Professional English and Tetum language skills. 

 Other Information

·         The Database Coordination will be based in the Directorate General of Fisheries and Aquaculture office and will report to the Director General of Fisheries.

·         This opportunity is not an employment position and the successful candidate will not be an employee of Conservation International. The selected candidate will be engaged through a service agreement and will be required to submit a monthly invoice for payment of services (only). 

 Application Requirements

To apply for this opportunity, email your Cover Letter and CV with the subject line “Database Coordinator” to timor-leste@conservation.orgbefore 5:00pm Friday 14th February 2020.

Applications must be submitted through email; hard copy applications will not be accepted. Please submit your application in English in PDF or Word (doc) format. Please do not include zipped files or copies of certificates with your application.

Applications, which do not meet the specified minimum requirements or those that are received after the closing date will not be considered.



Data 2020-02-14


Level Edukasaun Bachareladu


English Yes
Portuguesa Yes
Tetum Yes

Tinan Esperiensia

Tinan 4

Area Espesialidade

Data Research Yes
Graphic Design Yes
Information Technology Yes
Interior Design Yes
Web Design Yes
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